The GHI Big Debate: How does ground handling thrive in the digital age? The technological revolution heading for your station and the dangers of being left behind

15 March 2021 11:30 - 12:30

This session will identify the top technology innovations heading for the airport and how they will fundamentally shift the ground handling business model. Leading Asian operators representing airlines, airports, GSPs and suppliers will discuss robotics, blockchain, augmented reality, big data and how these buzzwords translate into a frontline business environment. The discussion will cover the mechanics of the turnaround process, passenger journeys through the airport and how the next wave of business leaders, who were born in the age of smartphones and Google, could radically redesign our world.

Yacoob Piperdi, CEO, Gateway Services, SATS

Kam Weng Woo, Cheif Executive Officer, POS AVIATION

Thomas Konietzko, Global Sales and Marketing Executive Vice President, CELEBI

Erwan Jalil, COO, TLD Group

Jason Cameron, Executive Manager Ground Handling Operations, Catering and Operational Projects, Nauru Airlines