David O'Connell

Managing Director


We support ground operations with wireless intercom products from pushback to engineering and maintenance. Solutions allow untethered communication around the aircraft, with ranges exceeding 150 metres. Systems provide 24 hour battery life before the need to recharge. We can also integrate with either ATC or ground movement radios, so the user has instantaneous access to the services, as well as constant monitoring of the flight deck. Connectivity between users can range from flight deck plus one, up to systems with 16 users. Training, towing, engine servicing and turnaround co-ordination are all areas where our systems can assist in operational effectiveness.

Paul Bruton

Senior Consultant

Damarel Systems

Paul is a Senior Consultant at Damarel. He has 20 years' experience in designing and delivering class-leading solutions for ground handling operations, including operational databases and automated billing systems.