Cargo: Getting yourself in trim for the great air cargo opportunity

31 March 2021 09:35 - 10:25

Air cargo has seized the limelight during the crisis as operators look to capture a share of an essential revenue stream. Demand in Asia is up more than 7% over the past two years while capacity has plummeted 30%. This capacity crisis has triggered an innovative array of makeshift conversions with boxes on aircraft seats or seats removed completely to make space for extra freight. This session will explore the cargo phenomenon. How long will cargo in the cabin last and what are the longer term cargo business opportunities for airlines, airports, handlers and suppliers plotting a business strategy beyond the coronavirus crisis?

Beau Paine, Regional Vice President Cargo - OSEA, Menzies Aviation

Thomas Liput, Managing Director Asia Pacific Ground Support and Gate Equipment, JBT Aerotech

Vivien Lau, Executive Director – Commercial, Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Ltd (Hactl)