The Big Debate: ‘A new strategy for a new age:’ How does Asian aviation adapt to the post-Covid era?

30 March 2021 09:40 - 10:40

Congested skies, capacity constraints and intensive OTP pressures on the ground were – until recently- the dominant topics for the Asian aviation community. Today’s landscape is utterly unrecognisable from that of a year or two ago.
International pax volumes stand at less than 10% with no immediate reprieve in sight and the passenger journey has become infinitely more complex. But opportunity knocks for those with an agile and entrepreneurial outlook, this session will hear, as we explore the smart adaptions operators should be making now to secure a successful future.

Key discussion areas include:

  • Digital innovations: identifying profit enhancing automation and tackling implementation in a low liquidity climate
  • Stakeholder collaboration: redefining airline, handler, airport & supplier partnerships for the pandemic including KPIs/SLAs and the SGHA
  • Employee strategies: upskilling teams for a new aviation age
  • The new normal: passenger expectations, process design and how to stay ahead

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Brendan Sobie, Independent Analyst and Consultant, Sobie Aviation

Javed Malik, Group Chief Operations Officer, AirAsia

Richard Zheng, CEO, TLD Asia

Yacoob Piperdi, CEO, Gateway Services, SATS