Cargo: Meeting the challenges of India’s Covid crisis

30 March 2021 15:20 - 16:00

Celebi Aviation Delhi’s cargo operation has been on the frontline of bringing in lifesaving medical kit to India as the country vies with a deadly Covid outbreak. This session will profile the frontline stories of the Celebi team and how they have reacted to unscheduled medical relief flights alongside their day jobs in unloading freighters and cargo in the cabin. Activities have been performed at minimal notice and with employees at heightened risk of having to isolate at short notice due to a positive Covid test or a case occurring within their immediate family. Kamesh Peri will detail the approach taking by the leadership team to unprecedented circumstances.​

Funda Eraslan, Global Marketing and Communications Manager, Celebi

Kamesh Peri, CEO of Delhi Cargo Terminal, Celebi