Stand #: E31
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GUINAULT Company has been designing and manufacturing aircraft Ground Support Equipment (GSE) since 1949. Today, GUINAULT is an independent and privately owned company certified ISO9001/2015 which offers a very modern range of products dedicated to all type of aircraft.

For over 70 years Guinault has been at the forefront of developing technology, providing the most efficient services to support our industry and allow you to benefit from the very best APU OFF solutions.

Whatever the airport equipment or type of infrastructure, Guinault uses its vast experience, unique expertise and comprehensive technical ability in industrial refrigeration, electrical power provision and electromagnetism, all of which can guarantee the shutdown of your APU.

400Hz alternator design, (manufactured by GUINAULT in France), digital electronics, power electronics, industrial refrigeration, thermodynamics are in house expertise.

GUINAULT is a first choice GSE partner for providing power solutions to handlers, Airports, Airlines, Aircraft/helicopter OEM and Military Armed Forces.

Stand Location: E31
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Telephone: +33 (0)2 38 63 84 00
Country: Malaysia